Yara Zaya Introduces Jovi As Her “Sugar Daddy” In New Video

90 Day Fiancé’s Yara Zaya teases fan claims she’s using hubby Jovi Dufren as her sugar daddy in a fun new Instagram reel.

Star of 90 day fiancé Yara Zaya never hesitates to flaunt her lifestyle. Louisiana of Ukrainian descent came to the United States to be with her then-fiancé, Jovi Dufren, the 90 day fiancé season 8. The couple then got married after finding out that Yara was pregnant with their first child together, her daughter Mylah. Their appearance on 90 days season 8 and later the spin-off Happy forever? saw Yara struggling to be a new mom in the midst of Jovi’s demanding work schedule away from home several weeks a year.

When Yara first arrived in the United States with Jovi, a big concern for her family was whether the Ukrainian was just using Jovi for his money. Jovi’s career as an underwater robotics engineer has taken him to travel the world, just as he met his future wife. Her work has helped fund their ambitious New Orleans lifestyle, though Yara swears she brings large checks from her online store. Although Jovi and Yara have proven over time that their relationship is the real deal, many 90 day fiancé fans accused Yara of being with Jovi for his money. The fashionista is now mocking the accusations on social networks.


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Yara took to Instagram to show it “daddy-cake“Jovi in ​​a new video. The cut, to Qveen Herby’s song” Sugar Daddy, “shows clips of Yara’s life in luxury. A clip shows Jovi dancing in a nightclub with champagne. The following clip shows Yara showing off a Gucci shop, before returning to a nightclub to show Jovi and Yara kissing. A slow-motion clip in the Reel shows Jovi raining down with dollar bills as he would do it on one of his many trips to the strip club.The video ends with Yara showing off the daddy side of her sugar daddy Jovi, with a clip of him holding their adorable daughter.

Yara explained that the clip was “just for fun” in the video caption. “I love your sense of humor Yara!commented one IG user. The TLC star wasn’t always praised for her expensive taste, as Yara received a backlash for shopping during Hurricane Ida. At the time, she and Jovi evacuated their native Louisiana to Dallas, Texas for shelter Yara was labeled deaf for touting her lifestyle amid the tragedy.

Yara, who has become somewhat of an influencer on her social media, didn’t hesitate to make fun of her character – with her 90 day fiancé co-stars. For Halloween, she and Jovi performed a hilarious skit disguised as Mike and Natalie, another Ukrainian-American couple from their season of the show. It appears that Yara is accepting the accusations that Jovi is her sugar daddy in stride as they are currently looking for another place in the United States to call home.

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