With record sugar production, Maharashtra closes the 2021-22 season; next season should also set a new record

Even as Maharashtra closed its 2021-22 sugar season on Tuesday producing the highest sugar in history, the state is already planning to break that record in the next season from October 1, the sugar commissioner of Maharashtra said. the state, Shekhar Gaikwad.

“The sugar mills in Maharashtra produced 138 lakh tons of sugar, which is the highest amount ever produced since the establishment of the sugar industry in the state. The 2021-22 season has also proven to be the year of the longest milling season, as the mills operated for 240 days,” said Gaikwad

“With this, Maharashtra has overtaken countries like China, Russia, Thailand, Australia as a sugar-producing region, which is only next to Brazil,” Gaikwad said.

This year, India has become the world’s largest sugar producer, pushing Brazil to the second position.

Next year, the state is expected to break its own current season record.

“The process of reviewing the area planted with cane for next year is currently underway. So, firmly, 95% of the sugar mills have informed us that next year the area planted with cane in their jurisdiction will be greater than the current year,” said Gaikwad.

To avoid cane crushing during the peak summer months, the state sugar commissioner’s office will propose an early start of the crushing operation in 2022-23, or about four months from now.

Maharashtra broke another record by crushing 1320 lakh tons of sugar cane. Sugar mills have so far paid Rs 37,712 crore of FRP to farmers, or 95.28% of the total FRP payable to farmers.

The state government has struggled to crush the excess cane during the current season, as harvesting labor refused to work during the months of April and May. For next year, the share of mechanized harvesting is expected to increase as another 200 harvesters are expected to be added, bringing the total to 1000 harvesters.

BOX: Maha opposes CACP recommendation to increase base recovery to 10.25%

The Agricultural Costs and Prices Commission (CACP), which advocates a fair and remunerative price (PRF) for sugar cane, has proposed increasing the basic recovery from 10% to 10.25% from the 2022 campaign. -23.

However, the Maharashtra government has requested the CACP to keep the basic recovery unchanged as frequent changes may confuse farmers.

In the current season, the FRP is Rs 290/quintal for a basic recovery of 10%. Sugar recovery is the proportion of sugar extracted from sugar, while the FRP of cane increases with a higher percentage of sugar recovery.

Rachel J. Bradford