UniTeam is committed to solving problems in the sugar industry

The UniTeam duo of former Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and Davao Mayor Sara Duterte promised to look into the sugar industry’s problems and come up with possible solutions.

The candidates made the pledge during a dialogue in Bacolod City on Wednesday night with sugar planters, farmers and local officials from Negros Occidental, the country’s largest sugar producer.

Some 25 of the province’s 31 mayors and several lawmakers have also thrown their support behind the BBM-Sara ticket.

Marcos said the support from local officials is a “very good development” for Duterte and their senatorial candidates.

Duterte said their dialogue with sugar planters and farmers focused on the issues besetting their industry.

Mayor Ella Celestina Yulo of the town of Moises Padilla, one of the mayors who took part in the dialogue, said it was important for the government to find solutions to the problems of the sugar-producing provinces.

Sugar producers have already complained about continued sugar imports.

Besides Negros Occidental, other sugar producing provinces include Negros Oriental, Iloilo, Bukidnon, Batangas, Pampanga and Tarlac.

The BBM-Sara duo and their senatorial candidates then staged a large rally at the Bredco Port salvage area in Bacolod City.

Addressing their supporters, Mayor Sara said the UniTeam slate, if elected on May 9, would help restore jobs and livelihood opportunities lost to the coronavirus disease-19 COVID-19 pandemic .

“Unity is needed in the country. What does the nation need? First, we must restore the jobs that have been lost due to the pandemic. And how do you get good jobs? If we have quality education for young people. Third, everyone, not just Filipinos, wants a peaceful existence. »

Duterte said she would also continue the programs and reforms of her father, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

“UniTeam is committed to continuing the reforms initiated under the administration of President Duterte. First, the “Build Build Build” program or our country’s infrastructure development spending. Second, the continued effort to eradicate crime and illegal drugs that are destroying youth and harming our future,” the mayor added.

The vice-presidential aspirant urged Filipinos to unite behind the leaders they will elect in May to solve the nation’s problems.

“UniTeam’s message is unity, it’s our priority. We can do all this if you, once we choose the leader we want in the next elections, we will take one for national development,” she stressed.

The president’s daughter was also proud of the values ​​she had learned from her parents.

“I bring to my work the lessons taught by my parents that in the performance of my work everyone should be equal in the eyes of a public servant,” she said.

“And I bring what you have, all Filipinos have strong hearts, and I am one too. I will use the strength of my heart to bring you a peaceful existence in our country. Mahalin po natin ang Philippines! Mabuhay ang Bacolod, mabuhay ang Negros Occidental!” she said to the crowd of thousands.

Rachel J. Bradford