Two major investments for Mount Gay with sugar mill and new bond

Mount Gay Distillery is reaffirming its commitment to the island with massive investment in the construction of a new sugar mill and an aging bond at its St Lucy factory.

During a recent tour of the two facilities, general manager Raphaël Grisoni explained that the project represented an investment of more than $40 million in the local rum industry.

“We also wanted to put our money where our mouth is and show Mount Gay’s deep commitment to investing in Barbados and investing that leads to innovation and adding value,” Grisoni said.

The Chief Executive made the announcement while addressing specially invited guests, including Minister of Industry, Innovation, Science and Technology Davidson Ishmael, Minister of Tourism and International Transport , Senator Lisa Cummins and St Lucy Parliamentary Representative Peter Phillips, along with other industry players.

“Mount Gay, after decades and probably centuries, is back in the sugar industry and this is an important milestone for Mount Gay, but also for Barbados,” he said.

However, Grisoni went on to explain that as rum experts re-enter the sugar industry, the newly established mill will focus primarily on producing molasses and “high value” products rather than rum production. extraction of sugar from sugar cane, as was the case with other factories on the island.

Work on the sugar mill has been underway for three years and the four tanks of the new mill are said to have a storage capacity of 84 tons of molasses.

Grisoni explained that Mount Gay’s production of its own molasses was essential to the process.

“That means that ultimately we’ll have organic molasses from us with different containers of cane sugar and we’ll have nice organic sugar and both will be very popular,” he added.

As for the construction of the new wine cellar and rum cellar at the distillery, the facility will house approximately 20,000 barrels of rum in the cellar and up to 500 additional barrels in the adjacent cellar.

“We are again increasing our ability to age rum as we focus on premium rum. “We want to continue aging in Barbados because it’s part of who we are and we call ourselves Barbados rum, we feel we have to do the whole process in Barbados,” Grisoni said.

The 2,500 square meter bond will increase the distillery’s capacity from 50,000 barrels to approximately 75,000 barrels.

“That’s a lot of money being raised because we believe in the future of Barbados rum, but we believe, of course, in the future of Mount Gay rum. All of this will create additional added value and meet future demand,” explained Grisoni.

Construction of the new bond is expected to be completed by December later this year.

Rachel J. Bradford