The sugar industry demands a separate policy for ethanol; State government positive to help purchase sugarcane cutting machine Pipa News

The sugar industry demands a separate policy for ethanol; State government positive to help purchase sugarcane cutting machine

Suhas Sardeshmukh, Loksatta

Aurangabad : Two demands were made to the ministerial sub-committee of the state government, if this industry, which is the third largest in the world in the sugar industry, is to be raised to a new height, the state should have a independent “Ethanol” policy and also give Rs 35-40 lakh subsidy for sugar cane machine. National Sugar Federation Chairman Jaiprakash Dandegaonkar said six different demands have been made to the state government for the state to take the next step in the ethanol, CNG and fuel sectors. energy and that the state government demanded a subsidy of Rs 6 per liter for ethanol production. Meanwhile, Cooperation Minister Atul Save said the state government’s mindset was not for ethanol, but for harvesting sugarcane.

It is estimated that 138 lakh tons of sugar will be produced in the state this time. Of this, only 45 lakh tons of sugar are needed in the country. The remaining sugar or by-products need attention now. It was recommended at the meeting before the start of galap season that the state government take a step forward in this regard and policy changes are needed. The state’s share of ethanol production in the country has now reached 35% and it is expected to produce 325 million liters of ethanol in the next season. However, it was demanded that the state government increase capital investment in ethanol production. Dandegaonkar said six percent interest is being repaid on the loan taken from the central government for the storage tank for ethanol production. In the same vein, the state government also demanded a three percent interest refund.

In order to make the sugarcane season more fluid, the number of sugarcane cutters should be increased. Currently, there are 854 machines in the state. Since the cost of a machine is 1 crore 25 lakh rupees, it was requested that a grant be given for the cutting machine. He was told at the sub-committee of state government ministers that if a grant of Rs 35-40 lakh is received, the problem of the number of laborers felt after March and April can be solved. Speaking in this regard, Cooperatives Minister Atul Save said that the central government has increased ethanol production rates. Cooperation Minister Atul Save said that in the coming time an easy loan should be granted for the sugarcane cutting machine and if help could be provided.


Rachel J. Bradford