The sugar industry can provide the economic returns needed – FBC News

Fiji Sugar Corporation chief executive Bhan Singh says the industry can rebound and bring the needed economic returns to the country.

Singh says the industry contributes significantly to the country’s socio-economic growth given that around a quarter of Fiji’s population depends directly or indirectly on the industry.

“There is no doubt that we are excited about the task at hand and the foreseeable future of FSC. We are all committed to making this industry a viable and sustainable industry, one that will improve the livelihoods of all Fijians in the sugar cane belt areas.”

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Singh says FSC is one of the largest private sector employers in Fiji, with a workforce of over 1,700 employees during the crushing season.

They also focused on increasing sugarcane production and quality, with the challenge to increase the size of the harvest to 2 million tonnes this season from 1.4 million tonnes. in 2020.

According to the CEO, one of the worst challenges faced after the effects of COVID has been the logistics of acquiring maintenance equipment from foreign suppliers.

“There have been many delays encountered in the supply chain, suppliers have realigned their operations and business strategies. We have had to leave some of our traditional suppliers and find new plant and equipment suppliers, which which aggravated the delays.”

Singh adds that large tracts of land suitable for growing sugarcane are also unused, and they are encouraging landowners and would-be farmers to join in.

Rachel J. Bradford