The Fiji Times » UNF-SRIF Partner for Collaborative Sugar Industry Research

The Fiji National University (FNU) and the Fiji Sugar Research Institute (SRIF) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding which allows the two institutions to conduct specific agricultural research based on real and specific problems in the ‘industry.

FNU, with the help of SRIF and FSC, will initially carry out a survey of farmers to identify specific research areas that address key issues and challenges facing the sugar industry.

“This partnership allows the University to ensure that student learning is holistic and applicable to real-life situations. This is an exciting new endeavor for the University, especially for those working in agriculture and we look forward to strengthening this partnership in the future,” said the Acting Vice Chancellor. of FNU, Dr. William May, in a statement.

FNU Pro VC Professor of Research and Innovation, Roland De Marco, said formalizing the partnership with SRIF would ensure that FNU’s agricultural research was grounded in the needs of the national sugar industry and would lead to impactful research. and a real-world experience for university scholars and research. students.

“Working closely with the SRIF and the sugar industry, FNU will engage in problem-oriented research to address the major issues and challenges facing the Fiji sugar industry, with the research findings in front of improve the economic viability of the industry,” Mr. De Marco said in the statement.

SRIF’s Managing Director, Professor Santiago Mahimairaja, said it would be a great opportunity for them to utilize the scientific expertise and research facilities available at the university for development, sustainability, productivity and cost-effectiveness. Fiji’s sugar industries.

The university said it would leverage its partnership with the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences at the University of Queensland (UQ), Australia, to gain access to complementary expertise and facilities relevant to the FNU partnership. and SRIF.

The partnership also allows both parties to collaborate on donor-sponsored research where appropriate.

Rachel J. Bradford