The Fiji Times » Survey to revive the sugar industry

A survey has been launched on the sugar industry by the Fiji National University (FNU) and the Sugar Research Institute of Fiji (SRIF) aimed at rejuvenating the sugar industry in Fiji.

Over 600 farmers from Ba and Lautoka have already been interviewed so far, with the remaining 300 interviews to be conducted in the northern division.

One of the main objectives of the investigation is to determine the causes of the decline in the number of sugar cane farmers which has led to a drop in sugar production.

“Once the investigation is complete, SRIF and FNU will formalize the research priorities of their strategic partnership to ensure that they undertake applied research to address key issues facing the sugar industry in Fiji,” said FNU Vice-Chancellor, Professor of Research and Innovation, Roland De. Marco.

“The survey results will also cover the industry’s top research priorities.

“In recent years, sugar cane production has declined significantly despite the high yielding cane varieties we have,” said SRIF Managing Director Professor Santiago Mahimairaja.

“There are a number of factors like poor soil health that can contribute to low production.” Preliminary results of the survey are expected to be released by the end of August.

Rachel J. Bradford