The body of the sugar mills demands action against the mafia of middlemen

ISLAMABAD – The intermediary mafia has become active again against the farmers and sugar factories of the Punjab.

Intermediaries buy sugar cane from farmers through questionable means, which is totally against government orders. These middlemen buy sugar cane at prices lower than the prices set by the government. On the other hand, these middlemen sell the cane to sugar factories at prices higher than the prices set by the government. This action goes not only against the government decree but also against the sugar mills which are forced to buy sugar cane at exorbitant prices in order to keep the mills running. In a statement, a spokesperson for the Pakistan Sugar Mills Association said middlemen exploit farmers and also force sugar factories to pay a higher price for the harvest.

He added that a kilogram of sugar accounts for 80 percent of the total cost of sugar cane, which will eventually increase the price of sugar due to an increase in the costs of producing sugar cane. In the public interest, sugar mill owners are required to keep their mills functioning even at the cost of their loss, but the sugar mills cannot continue this practice for long. This situation also led the sugar mill owners to think that for how long they could continue to operate the mills. The Pakistan Sugar Factory Association has called on the government to take tough action against middlemen, otherwise ex-factory sugar levels, which are currently at their lowest for a year, could rise. The farmers, the masses, the sugar mills and the government have already suffered from this situation last year. In the current circumstances, it is absolutely necessary to prevent these intermediaries from committing such wrongdoing.

Rachel J. Bradford