Sweet Addict Bakery tempts you and sweetens you well | food drink

I’m always excited about cookies. Straight from the oven is best, but I don’t turn on the oven in my old house (no air conditioning) in the middle of summer. Luckily Sweet Addict Bakery has me covered. Located in the maze of shops at the northeast corner of Powers and Stetson Hills boulevards, the boutique’s fresh, bright interior immediately greets me. A divine scent fills my nostrils and I know the decision will be difficult.

First, a lemon bar, carrying a nice lemon kiss rather than a pucker punch. I prefer a stronger lemon flavor, but it’s still a nice bite. A word about cookies: they have real flavor. If you like cookies that only taste like sugar, this isn’t for you. Of all the pretty decorated sugar cookies, I choose two that look like an adorable pair of flip flops. The buttery cookie has a nice crumb, with just enough royal icing to make it fun to chew on, like a crispy little shell. Big stuffed Oreo cookies also reveal a nice old-fashioned flavor. The dough, which reminded me a bit of Snickerdoodle dough, is rolled around real Oreos, then rolled in more crumbled Oreos before baking. This gigantic cookie delights, both visually and on the tongue. Banana Cream Cookie in a nutshell: WOW! Softer than the stuffed Oreo cookie, a light essence of banana infuses the dough just right. Plus, there are real vanilla cookies inside and one on top with a touch of frosting. I could eat these cookies all day.

The shop often makes macarons, although they are not available every day. And a variety of homemade caramels sit in little metal buckets on the counter. Salted caramel has a crumbly, melty texture and too much salt. The whiskey flavor is grainy, yet delicious, and the bourbon vanilla has the perfect texture and depth of flavor. Sweet Addict also carries products from other local producers: Lynda Sue’s salsas and Sourdough Boulangerie breads. The storefront contains many gift items, mostly made in Colorado, beautifully curated to reflect the spirit of our state. The large open kitchen at the back also houses a wide variety of cooking classes for children and adults. And if you don’t want to drive east, visit Sweet Addict’s stand at the Old Colorado City Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. Your sweet tooth will thank you.

Rachel J. Bradford