Superzeros launches high-protein sugar-free cereal

May 17, 2022

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE / – “Wake up to cereal with superpowers” with the UK’s newest high protein sugar free cereal – Superzeros. The breakfast cereals offer 10g of protein, 0g of sugar and 50% less carbs in each serving and are currently offered in Cocoa and Apple & Cinnamon flavors. It’s also nut-free, high in fiber, and contains no gluten-based ingredients.

Noel Eves, founder of Superzeros, wanted to create a quick and healthy breakfast choice that tasted great but left him with no regrets or hunger pangs. “I have two young children and a busy family and like to train in the morning. It’s hard to find healthy options when time is of the essence, so I often skipped breakfast, which limits the post-workout benefits. I spent my career working in dynamic and innovative brands, so I decided to dedicate myself to finding a better option. In Superzeros, I’m excited to share with others the adult solution I’ve been searching for all these years.

The Superzeros brand, developed in conjunction with talented local UK-based agencies, is set to provide a fun and energetic way to bring the nostalgic element to a generation where many iconic superhero films from the 90s and 00 still live long in memory.

The SuperZeros hope to disrupt the cereal world in the same way protein bars have revolutionized the confectionery market over the past 10 years, through their uncompromising use of premium ingredients like whey protein isolate. and jaw-dropping popular flavors. Over the next few months, the team is looking to further develop its product line to meet a wider range of dietary requirements and offer more flavors such as honey, nut, strawberry and vanilla. The team is so confident in their product that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all customers.

For more information on Superzeros, please visit: Also find the team on instagram and Facebook.



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