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Dear Editor,

There was an educational report in SN on July 13 regarding an imbroglio between employees at the Uitvlugt Estate factory and the highest level of GuySuCo’s senior management – certainly a most exceptional interaction in which the former allegedly been “disrespected” – a human complaint in an otherwise mundane industrial relations engagement, about which the union (GAWU) will certify that there are “steps” of negotiations (“talks” if you will) that are normally observed, and in which the Company’s accredited industrial relations team should generally be proactive, in collaboration of course with the Domain team. Incidentally, the Company’s plant operations and agriculture managers were conspicuous by their absence.

Shouldn’t this grouping be the one that reports to the highest decision-making level, because the organizational logic would contradict the practice of this office reporting to itself, without however risking appearing compromised or including intermediate levels of actors.

It must be understood by all concerned that they are committed to supporting the organization and therefore their behavior must correspond to standards that their successors must emulate. It’s just not a matter of individual style or ego; but rather one of leadership setting the lessons to be learned – by those who need to know and grow.

In the middle, GAWU would remind all decision-makers of the communication structure put in place in the industry, which since 1981 has included the so-called ‘Workers’ Participation’ forum. It would be useful to know if this interaction is observed.

And if production is basically made up of agricultural and industrial operations, we cannot ignore the contribution made to the Uitvlugt estate, in particular by the various sugar cane cooperative societies, whose financial fate has not been mentioned. since the large ministerial delegation visited this area several weeks ago. Have these farmers been compensated for their depleted cane yields as provided for in the legal contracts with the estates under the National Cane Farming Committee Act 1965?

The industry has always been more than concerned with tractors, trailers, tillage, turbines. Indeed, the focus has been more than on financial incentive – rather with an emphasis on morale, morality, dignity, even humility; on learning and development, regardless of status – which can be summed up as professionalism.

Yours faithfully,

EB John

Retired Human Resources Director


Rachel J. Bradford