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It’s not a sugar mill; change the name of the project while you can

I attended the public virtual discussion on March 2 regarding the development of the sugar factory. I’m excited about the project and the meeting was well run.

As a longtime resident born into the community in the 1950s, I believe I have an obligation to speak to the proposed name. I think keeping Longmont’s agricultural history alive and accurate is very important, especially as we celebrate our 150th anniversary.

The name of the development used at the moment is Sugar Mill + STEAM. To be historically accurate, the name should be Sugar Factory + STEAM. A mill is generally a process for grain; the sugar beets were not ground. Great Western Companies called it a plant or factory, not a mill.

Pages 74-78 of the wonderful book ‘Longmont: The First 150 Years’, written by our Curator of Longmont Museum History, Erik Mason, provide details of the sugar factory.

In my opinion, now is the time to reconsider the name because the project has just “taken off”.

Kathy Wood Pilmore


The wave of apartments is part of the vision of the progressive left

Why the predicted boom in apartment complexes in Longmont? It is important to examine the underlying precepts of the progressive left, a mindset that has completely taken over Longmont City Council in recent times. Our newly elected rabid anti-fracking mayor is only exacerbating the problem.

The ecologist-socialist theory is that of anti-suburbs, anti-cars and anti-fossil fuels. They want to cram people into high density cities for better indexation and control over individual lives. Walking, cycling or using public transport is desirable rather than having the freedom to drive wherever you want in your own vehicle.

The traditional single-family house with a courtyard in a subdivision is also taboo. It all comes down to being part of a controlled collective and the resulting loss of individual freedoms.

In an open forum letter following the 2021 City Council elections, I lamented that the Longmont political scene is truly becoming Boulder 2.0. Heavy voter-imposed taxes in Boulder since the 1960s have created a wall of open space with very tight control over the growth of the city. The Green Boulder liberals got their panacea, but at what cost of unintended consequences?

Most obvious, due to basic supply and demand, was the average cost of homes in Boulder which soared to $1.5 million, twice as much as the rest of metro Denver. How is the quality of life so desirable in Boulder if the average worker can’t afford to live there in the first place?

Another related consequence has been 60,000 commuters in and out of Boulder each working day, creating horrendous traffic and an increased carbon footprint. Indeed, local progressives have shot themselves in the foot with their own extreme green policies.

If it’s not already too late, discerning Longmonters must not allow our city to follow the same path we saw in Boulder.

David Larison


Retired Colonel Shawn Smith is a conspiracy theorist

Who is retired Colonel Shawn Smith?

Forum writer Don Cage would have us believe that Smith is an expert in voter fraud. In reality, he’s an equal conspiracy theorist and associate and employee of wacky My Pillow guy Mike Lindell.

His organization is called US Election Integrity Plan, and he is president of Cause of America which trumpets all the “big lies” and unproven tropes of the stolen election. And surprised! He’s partnered with another job, Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters. Smith is also involved with Elbert County Clerk Dallas Schroeder, who the Colorado secretary of state said may have been involved in a security breach.

Smith accused Matt Crane, director of the Colorado Clerks Association and former Arapahoe clerk, also a Republican; Crane’s wife; and even former GOP Secretary of State Wayne Williams for being all involved in rigging Colorado’s election results. It was an election in which Crane and Williams lost. This would make them not only criminals but also idiots.

Smith, referring to Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold, said, “I think if you’re involved in voter fraud, you deserve to be hanged.” This is an interesting comment from someone who can be seen in the January 6 sedition riot.

This is who Shawn Smith is.

Jim Davies


Rachel J. Bradford