Sugar Association relaunches a more engaging website | 2018-07-12

KANSAS CITY — The Sugar Association announced July 10 the launch of its redesigned website, with the goal of making it a useful and engaging tool for consumers seeking facts and information about sugar.

“Our goal is to connect with consumers so they better understand sugar and can feel more confident about consuming it in moderation,” said Courtney Gaine, Ph.D., President and CEO. of the Sugar Association. “There is so much more to sugar than people may not know about, and we hope the new website will bring to life the unique and multifunctional role of sugar in our diets.”

The new site contains information on the origin, types and uses of sugar as well as current consumption trends. The website includes blog posts, downloadable educational materials, and frequently asked questions (FAQs) for families, educators, healthcare professionals, and the media.

“We’re excited to provide information consumers are looking for, such as facts about the science of sugar, its farm-to-table journey, and how most Americans enjoy it in their diets,” said Dr. Gaine. . “The more knowledge we share, the more confidence people can have in the role sugar plays in a healthy, balanced and enjoyable diet. Our redesigned and innovative website is one way to show our commitment to earning consumer trust as a resource for anyone who wants to learn more about sugar and its incredible history.

The Sugar Association is the scientific voice of the American sugar industry. It was founded in 1943.

Rachel J. Bradford