Sugar association opposes new legislation

LAHORE: The Pakistan Sugar Mills Association (Punjab Zone) has called the Punjab Assembly legislation a black law for sweets.

The prison sentence has been increased from one year to three years while the fine has been increased from Rs1 lakh to Rs5 lakh, a spokesperson for the PSMA said on Wednesday. The recent amendment to the Punjab Sugar Factory Control Act of 1950 made it the strictest law for the sugar industry, he said.

Under this amendment, he added, the trial of the accused will be held in an article 30 district court instead of an ordinary district court. Not only that, he continues to say, but recently the Sugar Supply Chain Management Order 2021 was introduced to regulate the sugar industry, which is another black law that could be a prelude to a business shutdown. .

We have repeatedly convinced the government that imposing such discriminatory criminal laws and regulations on the sugar industry can never be beneficial. This could have dangerous consequences in the distant future. In an effort to control the sugar industry by government officials, the factories would be difficult to manage and investments in the country would not flourish. Investors will be scared and the country’s business climate will not be healthy, the spokesperson said.

Rachel J. Bradford