Seven Seas licenses SPRIGGAN, Cats and Sugar Bowls and other manga for English release

Seven Seas Entertainment at announced the license of five new manga series for the English market. All new titles will be released later in 2022 and early 2023 on print and digital formats.

Their biggest acquisition is the manga series SPRIGGAN by the writer Hiroshi Takashige and artist Ryoji Minagawa. The sci-fi action thriller manga follows a group of elite super spies hunting down ancient alien relics across the globe. 11 tankoubon volumes were published from February 22, 1989 to February 5, 1996. SPRIGGAN also inspired a 1998 animated film and a next ONA series by David Production It’s okay first on netflix in 2022.

© Hiroshi Takashige and Ryoji Minagawa

It’s the first time SPRIGGAN will be released in its entirety in North America. It will be published in four full-size, deluxe omnibus volumes featuring over 600 pages and an exclusive color gallery of illustrations. The first volume of the deluxe edition will be available on print and digital platforms in August 2022.

The manga series is described as:

In the closing years of the Cold War era, national governments and paramilitary forces are in a race to uncover the relics of an ancient alien civilization that once ruled Earth. Alien technology holds seemingly miraculous powers, but in the wrong hands, that power could be catastrophic. Only ARCAM Corporation’s elite special agents, the SPRIGGANs, have what it takes to stand against an international gallery of power-hungry cyborgs and gunmen who covet the ultimate power. Brash and fearless, Ominae Yu, a teenage SPRIGGAN outfitted in ARCAM’s most powerful power armor, will do whatever it takes to keep the forbidden legacy of the past buried!

Another new manga series that will be released later this year is Lazy Dungeon Master – the manga adaptation based on the light novel series of the same name. Artist Nanaroku provides artwork for this manga series with Supana Onikage and Youta credited with the original story and art, respectively.

lazy dungeon master manga volume one cover
© Supana Onikage, Nanaroku and Youta

Lazy Dungeon Master is a thrilling isekai fantasy tale where a slacker is forced to become a dungeon keeper. The first volume will be released in single-volume editions on print and digital formats around September 2022.

Seven Seas Entertainment describes the manga as

Masuda Keima just wants to sleep. Too bad for him, he was lifted from sweet dreams and comfortable sheets into a fantasy dungeon in another world! Not only is he tasked with protecting it, but failure to do so will cost him his life. His only guide is the personification of the Dungeon Core, Rokuko, but he’s a goon who doesn’t even know how to hunt a bunch of bandits. If Keima wants to get quality sleep again, he’ll have to take over running this dungeon himself!

Yuri manga fans can enjoy another fine collection of sweet and provocative short stories in the release of Cats and sugar bowls. The yuri manga collection by yukiko will be available in North America in high-volume one-off editions in September 2022.

cats and sugar bowls manga cover
© Yukiko

The manga collection is described as follows:

Want a little spice with your sugar? Cats and Sugar Bowls offers nine little tales about love between women. Rena and Sanae are like a pair of naughty kittens who act a lot more innocent than they actually are. Touka, while looking for a lover willing to indulge her most extreme BDSM fantasies, meets her boss at a bondage club. All these delights and many more await you!

The historical fantasy light novel series Kijin Gentoushou and its manga adaptation have also been licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment. The history of both formats is attributed to Motoo Nakanishi with Tamaki illustrating the visuals of the light novel and Yuu Satomi illustration manipulation for manga series.

light novel cover kijin gentoushou one
© Motoo Nakanishi, Tamaki and Yu Satomi

Kijin Gentoushou is a fantasy epic between humans and demons, in which a feudal Japanese warrior chases a demon through different time periods. The series will also inspire an anime adaptation which has yet to release information on its format and release date. The first volume of the light novel series will be released in print and digital in December 2022 under Seven seas’ Airship footprint. Meanwhile, the first volume of the manga will be available in January 2023.

kijin gentoushou manga volume one cover
© Motoo Nakanishi and Yu Satomi

The manga series is described as:

In the Edo period, young Jinta and his sister must flee their home and find refuge in a mountain village. Years later, Jinta has become a skilled swordswoman, sworn to protect the village shrine priestess. Blamed with slaying a demon that threatens the shrine, Jinta confronts the malevolent creature in the forest, only to learn a shocking truth. The demon talks about events in one hundred and seventy years, when Jinta will have to face the demon in the future. Thus begins an epic fantasy journey that spans multiple eras as Jinta hunts a demon through time and must come to terms with her own dark nature.

Asumiko Nakamurait’s White will also be released and released to the English market for the first time. The series is the sequel to his manga Boys’ Love Classmates, which follows Hikaru and Rihito’s life after graduating from high school. The latest installment of the modern BL classic will be released as Classmates: Vol. 6: white. It will be released as a single omnibus collection in November 2022.

classmates white manga volume six cover
© Asumiko Nakamura

The new manga series is described as follows:

Rocker Hikaru and studious Rihito met and fell in love when they were classmates in high school. Now, three years after graduation, Hikaru is still in their hometown trying to launch his music career while Rihito studies in Kyoto. The two are desperate to make their long-distance relationship work, but can the young love overcome adult difficulties? Originally released in two volumes in Japan, fans can now own both the blank volumes and the special bonus content known in Japan as blank #0: Rings, all combined into one English omnibus edition.

Source: Seven Seas Entertainment

Rachel J. Bradford