Rs 21 crore worth of brown sugar seized at Thoothukudi, 6 arrested – The New Indian Express

Through Express news service

THOOTHUKUDI: Thoothukudi Central Police arrested up to 6 people in smuggling 20,162 kilograms of smuggled brown sugar worth Rs 21 crore here on Wednesday.

The accused have been identified as Mr. Anzar Ali (26 years old), Mr. Marimuthu (26 years old), S Imran Khan (27 years old), S Kasali (27 years old), R Prem (40 years old) and S Anthonymuthu (42 years old) .

Thoothukudi Police Superintendent (SP) S Jeyakumar deployed a special team under the aegis of the Deputy Police Superintendent (DSP) of the Special Anti-Land Grab Cell (ALGSC) Sampath, the head of the sub-division of the town of Thoothukudi, to investigate the case.

Sources familiar with the investigation revealed that the task force led by DSP Sampath from the town of Thoothukudi initially secured Anzar Ali, Marimuthu and Imran Khan under investigation. The task force managed to seize 50 grams and 112 grams of brown sugar respectively from Ali and Khan’s homes in Toovipuram.

After further investigation, the trio revealed their connection to other suspects Kasali, Prem and Anthonymuthu. Based on information obtained during the interrogation, the police team seized here 20 kilograms of contraband substance concealed in three bags at Anthonymuthu’s home in Tharuvaikulam, sources said.

A senior police officer said the total value of the seizure was likely to be Rs.21 crore.

Rachel J. Bradford