President orders FBR to bring unregistered sugar merchants into tax net

ISLAMABAD: President Arif Alvi has ordered the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to bring unregistered sugar traders into the tax net.

He adopted the guidelines while upholding a ruling by the federal tax ombudsman.

The President observed that despite huge monetary transactions and the availability of their data from the FBR, unregistered sugar buyers remained largely outside the tax net and evaded the primary national responsibility of paying taxes.

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Arif Alvi said the gross negligence and inefficiency of part of the FBR field formations in carrying out their duties amounted to maladministration.

He said the FBR should deal strictly with unregistered sugar traders to bring them to the tax net.

On March 25, then Federal Finance and Revenue Minister Shaukat Tarin said sugar production was likely to increase by two million tonnes this year from the 7.5 million tonnes recorded. Last year.

In a tweet, he had said that as a result, Pakistan had once again become a sugar-surplus country after a deficit.

He had said sugar prices were now around 81 rupees per kilogram, significantly lower than last year.

Rachel J. Bradford