Power companies offer storage space to sugar industry in return for installing solar power plants

PUNE The sugar industry in Maharashtra has been offered a proposal by private solar energy companies, in which, if the sugar factories allow the installation of solar panels for electricity generation, the electricity companies allow them to will donate warehouses to store the sugar in return.

This surge in solar energy companies was revealed by Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar during a meeting at the Vasantdada Sugar Institute on Tuesday, held to review various proposals ahead of the sugar industry.

Pawar said, “Now some private companies have offered to promote solar energy in rural areas. Most factories are in rural areas and do not have enough storage space. These industries offer to create storage for free, in exchange for allowing them to install solar panels in sugar factories.

Pawar did not disclose further details of the proposal, but said, “We have asked experts in the field to study the proposal.”

A senior institute official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said: “It is a good thing that solar power is being generated. These companies can also sell the energy and obtain revenue. It’s good to save money for everyone.

Pawar also said that the new campus of Vasantdada institute is coming in Marathwada region, to help Marathwada sugarcane farmers to learn new sugarcane cultivation techniques.

Pawar said, “There are many problems with the sugar industries because rates are low and production is high. The sugar industry is experimenting a lot to get higher prices for farmers.

Pawar added, “Before, sugarcane was only used to make sugar. Today the sugar industry has added many components like ethanol, molasses, distilleries and creates other by-products.

Rachel J. Bradford