Oh the sugar! Police are searching for a truck driver who left the New Plymouth vehicle covered in molasses

The vehicle ended up covered in molasses.  The police are trying to find the driver responsible.


The vehicle ended up covered in molasses. The police are trying to find the driver responsible.

A lunchtime drive has come to an end for a New Plymouth motorist whose car ended up covered in molasses.

Senior Constable Jason Koch said the incident happened on Monday at Northgate, at the intersection of Devon St East and Devon Rd.

At around 12:25 p.m., the driver stopped at the traffic light behind a green truck with gray trailers and “it kind of took over her vehicle.”

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Koch said that although the truck driver was made aware, he “carried on without stopping at all”.

“I’m trying to identify the responsible company.”

While Chemwash contractors cleaned the vehicle, Koch said he wanted to pass the invoice for the work to the truck driver.

Molasses is a syrup derived from sugar cane, often used as a sweetener, as well as in soil fertilizer, livestock feed, and yeast fermentations.

Cleanup crews remained on site for several hours as they cleaned up and vacuumed up the spill.

Traffic management was put in place to clear the roadway and one lane remained open to traffic.

Traffic was blocked for several kilometers and motorists had to wait up to an hour to cross the intersection.

A Chemwash spokesperson said they helped clean up, but arrived after the spill and had little to add.

The driver receiving the molasses wouldn’t speak to the media.

This isn’t the first time a molasses spill has disrupted traffic, last year State Highway 1 was closed between Kaikōura and Blenheim when a tanker truck rolled over spilling molasses all over the road. road.

Rachel J. Bradford