Free folder lock software for windows 10

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Free folder lock software for windows 10
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the locker, files cannot be open without entering the correct password. Features, it prevents unauthorized users from accessing. As they can be accessed only from its interface which is password protected. The selected folder is now locked. You can set a password that is asked when someone opens the program.

Which means there wont be any further updates offered by the developer. You can use this software to one by one protect multiple folders using passwords. Mfolderprotect 12 Standalone EXE Locker Standalone EXE Locker is an easy to use tool that helps you to lock folders and file with one mouse button. If you wish to lock more than one folder. It lets you set password and also password hint to remind you about password. Lets see how to password protect a folder using this free tool. It will automatically unlock previous folder to lock the new one. Open the software and browse the desired folder. You can allow some exception applications to access these locked foldersfiles. There is always the concern that this data may be accessed. It is easy to use software with attractive GUI. The folder will not be hidden. To regain access to the original content. Easy file locker is another popular folder lock software for windows users. Locking a folder in this free software is a piece of cake.

Software for Enhanced Folder Protection and Privacy. Features, it is one of the best software in this list as it provides privacy to multiple folders. Hide Folder andor, you can exchange confidential information using an embedded email client. Editing, nobody can uninstall this application without a password. Link, home Page Download Page Alfa Folder Locker Alfa Folder Locker is yet another free software to lock folder with password. Lock Folder option, and deleting files and directories, and also protect them from unauthorized deletion. Mmysecretfolderhowto FAQ, what is Folder Lockerstrong Folder Lock Software are tools that enable you to prevent other people from viewing..