Maharashtra sugar production hits historic high: official

Maharashtra has recorded record sugar production of 132 lakh tonnes this year, state sugar commissioner Shekhar Gaikwad said.

But, despite the high production, there is less chance of sugar prices falling, the official said while talking about the problems with the excess sugar cane production and the measures being taken to remedy the situation.

“Maharashtra recorded a record high sugar production of 107 lakh tons in 2019-20. Uttar Pradesh has so far produced 80 lakh tons of sugar this year,” Gaikwad said.

Various companies in the state also earned ₹9,000-10,000 crore from producing 130-140 crore liters of ethanol (a by-product of molasses generated during the grinding of sugar cane), which is also an all-time high, he claimed. .

“The sugarcane crushing season in Maharashtra usually lasts 120 to 140 days and a maximum of 145 days. This year, about 20 sugar mills in the state will operate for 160 days due to high sugar cane production,” he said.

“About 90 lakh tons of sugarcane, including 60 lakh tons in Marathwada, are yet to be crushed. We expect sugarcane in Marathwada to be crushed by May 31 this year,” the official said.

“Solapur factories take almost 20,000 tons of Marathwada sugarcane for milling,” he said.

The official said he also encountered cases of high charges demanded of farmers for cutting or transporting their products.

“If a farmer has paid extra for the transport of sugarcane to a factory, he can submit a written complaint to us. I have received 75 such complaints so far and we will recover this amount from the persons concerned. and give it back to the farmers,” he said.

The official also said that sugar produced in Uttar Pradesh is used in the domestic market, while sugar produced in Maharashtra is preferred for export.

Published on

April 10, 2022

Rachel J. Bradford