Maharashtra heading for record sugar production

Maharashtra mills together could produce a record 136 lakh tonnes of sugar this season as milling will continue until the end of May. About 40 lakh tons of sugarcane are still standing in the fields and 130 harvesters are in operation to cut the excess crop.

The state government announced a sugar mill subsidy to crush excess cane. At present, the majority of the unmilled sugar cane is found in the Marathwada region. The mills are expected to crush 1,307 lakh tons of sugar cane by the end of this season.

Industry players say state government aid to factories played a major role in convincing factory managers to crush all the sugar cane available in the locality.

According to the Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA), sugar production in Maharashtra till April 15, 2022 was 126.48 lakh tons compared to 103.95 lakh tons produced during the same period the previous season.

In the current 2021-22 sugar season, 45 mills are said to have closed their milling operations in the state and 153 sugar mills are said to be in operation. As of the corresponding date last season, only 54 mills were in operation in the state, which added about 2.55 lakh tons of sugar production last year.

Published on

May 03, 2022

Rachel J. Bradford