Lord Sugar’s former aide Nick Hewer has blasted Labor over allegations of anti-Semitism. | United Kingdom | News

Lord Alan Sugar said it was so unusual for Labor to be associated with accusations of discrimination against Jews as it had always been their “natural home”.

In an interview with Times Radio, the flabbergasted former TV presenter, who was Lord Sugar’s adviser on British TV series The Apprentice, is under no illusions that Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer has started the party reform process.

He said: ‘I really can’t commit to Labor at the minute, I just think they’re all a bit lighthearted.

“What my family taught me is to hate and despise bigotry because there is no place for it.

“There is no place for racism or this kind of religious bigotry.

“I’m afraid it will continue, this anti-Semitism is awful, but I think Starmer is cleaning up.


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“And to be honest with you, I couldn’t believe that Labor had a deep-rooted anti-Semitic streak in it.

“I mean, I would have thought Labor was the nature of the Jewish people!”

When asked if Sir Keir was “the man” to take the party forward, he said he definitely fit the bill.

And then aimed to frisk ‘camera mad’ Boris Johnson, claiming the PM is visiting hospitals because he needs media attention as it’s yet another ‘photo opportunity’ .


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“Unfortunately it’s important and I’m old enough, you’re way too young but I’m old enough to remember the early 60s election between Nixon and Kennedy.

“And it was the first real televised election in the United States. Kennedy looked amazing, amazing!

“He was tanned, even though it was black and white TV and he looked great.

“And Nixon hadn’t shaved, and Kennedy won the TV debates hands down but Nixon won the radio debates because they couldn’t see him.

“Okay, so we have Boris.

“Whenever you see a picture of Boris in a hospital, they are busy in the hospitals, you can leave them alone to do what they are doing.

“Instead, they’re looking for yet another photo opportunity.

“The man is crazy about the camera.”

Rachel J. Bradford