Little Sugar Farm Glampground Experience | KSNF/KODE

JANE, Mo. — A local “glampground” is growing that offers the whole experience.

Little Sugar Farm is located in Jane along Little Sugar Creek. It sits on beautiful farmland which has belonged to the owner’s family for 100 years.

“It’s a century-old farm. And our family came to this area in the mid-1800s,” said Jana Reishus, owner of Little Sugar Farm.

But Little Sugar Farm is not your typical camping experience. Instead, it offers a full “glamping” experience.

Similar to camping, “glamping” provides electricity, running water, and other luxuries found at home.

“We built this shower facility. And that was a big part of a glamping experience because you want nice bathrooms. I mean, that’s a huge part of it. And your systems and structures. And then we ended up buying four safari tents from a company in Montana, and we have three bell tents,” Reishus continued.

At Little Sugar Farm’s Glampground, you’ll have everything you could possibly need, while sleeping in a tent and spending time in nature.

“We have a lot of amenities. We have – all of our safari tents now have air conditioning. We have beautiful beds, sheets, decoration. We have grills, we obviously have picnic tables. We have everything we need to cook, Coleman stoves, toaster ovens, we even have a full size fridge now in our kitchen area. Each tent has a coffee maker, a small refrigerator.

The owner’s family created a legacy by sharing their property with others.

“We are moving forward. And we like to share it with everyone. I mean, it’s really, we’re really, really grateful to be able to do this,” Reishus said.

Rachel J. Bradford