International Society of Sugarcane Technologists: ‘The sugar industry can play a role in reducing emissions’ | Kanpur News

Kanpur: A webinar on “The Contribution of the Sugar Cane Industry to Decarbonization” was organized by the International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists. The webinar brought together a large number of delegates from America, Australia, Germany, Colombia, South Africa, India and Mauritius.
The Director of the National Sugar Institute, Prof. Narendra Mohan, the only guest speaker from India, gave a presentation on “Energy management given the current diversification of ethanol in the industry Indian sugar factory.
He said the cane sugar industry has all the potential to become a hub for the supply of clean, green and renewable energy replacing energy derived from fossil fuels and can therefore play a vital role in reducing carbon emissions.
Compressed biogas, electricity and ethanol are the three different forms of energy that can be produced from different by-products of the sugar industry and whose potential must be exploited, he said. Professor Mohan also presented a model of an integrated complex comprising sugar, electricity and ethanol production units, not only self-sufficient in terms of its energy needs but also exporting electricity.
“We must work carefully to decide on the capacities of the ethanol units taking into account the grinding capacity of the attached sugar unit, so that the required raw material is available for the ethanol unit to work the whole year,” he said.
Saiedeh Wicht, a German expert, explained the details of a low-temperature bagasse drying system to reduce fuel consumption and increase electricity production, while Dr Boris Morgenroth, another German expert, presented an overview of the cane sugar industry’s potential contribution to decarbonization.
Presentations were also made by Marguerite Renouf from Australia and Stefan Jahnke from Germany on managing energy cycles in sugar mills to reduce carbon emissions.

Rachel J. Bradford