Ina Garten’s Sugar Cookie Frosting Recipe couldn’t be easier unless it’s store bought

It’s sugar cookie season. Whether they’re richly decorated or just covered in sprinkles, frosting is involved. Enter celebrity chef Ina Garten’s icing for sugar cookies. This is the perfect way to finish cookies. Not to mention it’s, literally, the sugar on top.

Ina Garten’s icing is technically a icing

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Garten’s frosting is not really frosting or frosting. No, it’s neither. The long time barefoot countess the host refers to it as something else. She calls it Cookie Glaze, according to Food web. Garten’s cookie frosting has a finer consistency than, say, traditional frosting that could be used to finish off a cake or batch of cupcakes.

Garten Cookie Glaze is versatile. Use it to decorate Christmas cookies or, as Barefoot Contessa suggested during an Ask Ina Q&A with viewers, it can also be a treat for a child’s birthday party.

On his cooking show’s “Everyday Celebrations” episode, Garten demonstrated how his Barefoot Contessa shortbread cookies and cookie frosting can be an easy and fun dessert. Garten has garnished his cookies with pink sprinkles, but they can easily be swapped out depending on the occasion.

How to make Ina Garten cookie frosting

There’s not much to Garten’s Cookie Glaze. This is yet another simple recipe from Barefoot Contessa that will likely result in one of his famous “How easy is that?” ” moments.

According to Garten’s recipe details on the Food Network website, she only uses two ingredients – sugar and water – to make the cookie frosting. Garten mixes them in a bowl. As she combines them, a smooth liquid begins to form and the cookie frosting is ready.

That’s really all there is to it. It really is a simple and easy recipe. According to Food Network, it only takes five minutes to make. Yes only five minutes. Much faster than getting the store bought stuff.

Put it on shortbread cookies like Garten did on barefoot countess. Use it to frost holiday sugar cookies, festive scones, or any dessert that needs a little extra sweetness. As long as the Barefoot Contessa pantry staple, powdered sugar, is in the house, Garten’s icing can be made.

Barefoot Contessa’s other frosting recipes

Can’t you smell Garten’s frosting, uh, cookie frosting? That’s okay because the cookbook author has many other frostings to choose from.

For something richer, make Garten’s Cream Cheese Frosting. She uses it to frost Barefoot Contessa cakes and cupcakes. Because it’s thicker and creamier, the frosting can be a little harder to work with when it’s time to decorate.

For something that looks like frosting and frosting, head over to Garten’s recipe for black and white cookies. She covers the cookies with a layer of vanilla and chocolate to make them true to their name. However, it’s important to note that it requires a few more ingredients than the Garten Cookie Frosting.

Finally, there is always the option of serving sugar cookies with buttercream frosting. Garten puts it on his popular Barefoot Contessa dessert, Beatty’s Chocolate Cake. Like the others, it has a thicker consistency.

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