How does Cheese strengthen bones and reduce sugar?

How does cheese strengthen bones and reduce sugar?

Cheese is a high-fat dairy product, which is not considered good for heart health. But research has shown that a certain type of cheese not only has the properties of lowering blood sugar, but also has the ability to control cholesterol levels.

Research has shown that Norwegian cheese has such a good quality that it lowers blood sugar and improves bone health, while preventing the amount of cholesterol in the blood from rising. The name of this Norwegian cheese is Jarlsberg which is prepared from cow’s milk and it is very mild and tastes like almonds. This thing is named after the place Jarlsberg in eastern Norway.

Research has shown that this thing increases the production of a protein called osteocalcin in our body. Osteocalcin is a hormone produced by osteoblasts, a cell necessary for bone formation. Along with this, research has shown that consuming it in a certain amount reduces the level of HbA1c, an indicator of diabetes. HbA1c is a type of hemoglobin that indicates the amount of blood sugar present in blood cells.

According to a report published in the BMJ Nutrition Prevention and Health Journal, this thing can strengthen bones and does not affect cholesterol levels. It has been said in research that by eating this thing vitamin K2 and vitamin MK9 are also nourished. These vitamins are essential for strong bones. Gruyere and Gouda cheeses are readily available in India as substitutes for Jarlsberg cheese, which have been found to have similar properties.

Rachel J. Bradford