Guysuco CEO denies sugar shortage

As shop owners and shoppers continue to worry about a reduction in the supply of sugar to local shelves, Guyana Sugar Corporation (GUYSUCO) Managing Director Sasenarine Singh denies there is a shortage of sugar in the country.

“Guysuco doesn’t run out of bagged sugar, it’s the 100-pound bagged sugar. What Guysuco lacks is packaged sugar, but you can only make packaged sugar when we are grinding and producing. We haven’t had any ground sugar since the end of May 2022. So we had stocks on hand but a lot of it went to the local market and unfortunately some of our sugar is smuggled to a foreign country via the backtrack , so we had to take control of that, because Guyanese sugar has to go to Guyanese people first,” he said.

The price of sugar has fluctuated in recent weeks, with some people complaining that they have been forced to pay more than $400 a pound. While Guysuco has faced a drop in production this year, the company maintains that there is no shortage of the commodity.

“Uitvlugt is grinding and 2,000 bags of sugar are produced today. So for the rumor mongers trying to peddle that we don’t have sugar, we don’t have packaged sugar, but packaged sugar is going to be back on the market in the next two weeks. What we have is bagged sugar and we can supply the market with bagged sugar,” Singh assured.

Guysuco’s CEO said the company is currently focused on ensuring adequate supply of sugar to manufacturers, bakers and supermarkets.

Some supermarket owners and traders said that despite assurances from the sugar company, they were struggling to stock up on basic goods.

Rachel J. Bradford