Grupo Firme covers Harry Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar” as a Banda song

When Coachella announced its lineup earlier this spring, memes created by fans of takuache Harry Styles wearing a cowboy hat, boots and singing with Grupo Firme quickly went viral on Mexican TikTok and paisa Twitter.

Well, a Styles-Firme crossover is finally here. rolling stone can announce that the Mexican band, fronted by Eduin Caz, is releasing a Spanish cover of “Watermelon Sugar” as an Amazon original Thursday at midnight, aptly titled “Sabes a Tequila.”

Available exclusively on Amazon Music, the cover reimagines Styles’ hit song as a Banda-style track, featuring Caz’s vocals accompanied by the full band as he sings new lyrics to suit Styles’ style. Firm. “No es tomar por tomar/si en tu boca yo me quiero enborrachar. Sabes a tequila, ay,” Caz sings instead of Styles, “I’m just thinking out loud/I don’t know if I could ever live without it / Watermelon sugar, high!

“Déjame probarte, déjame besarte/sabes a tequila, ay,” Caz sings in the chorus, replacing Styles’ “I just wanna taste it, I just wanna taste it/Watermelon sugar high.”

Ahead of the band’s performance at Coachella, Firme manager Isael Gutierrez said rolling stone that the band was finding a way to incorporate styles into their set with a possible cover. Gutierrez said the band laughed at some of the memes that joked that Styles would listen backstage to the band and dance in full vaquero attire.

“Showing a Grupo Firme and Harry Styles interaction at Coachella,” one fan tweeted. “Imagine Harry Styles listening to ‘En Tu Perra Vida’ by Grupo Firme,” wrote another. “It seems so unreal.”


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♬ El Tóxico – Grupo Firme & Carin Leon

Firme is no stranger to covering songs outside of their genre. The band covered “Tusa” by Karol G and Nicki Minaj, which became one of the band’s most requested songs. (They even sang it at Coachella.)

The new Amazon Original comes ahead of the band’s stadium tour this summer across the United States, including two stops at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. “It’s going to be a Mexican party here in the United States,” Caz said at a press conference.

And before he took the stage at Coachella, Caz said rolling stone what it was like to bring their show to a diverse crowd. “We try to bring what it’s like to be Mexican so people can see us in a different light — not in the typical cowboy boots and hat way,” he said. . “We dye our hair, we dress differently. We’re here to show our roots.

Rachel J. Bradford