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Goans savor various avatars of Chaturthi staple – Modak
India time | 1 day ago | 27-08-2022 | 10:34 p.m.
India time
1 day ago | 27-08-2022 | 10:34 p.m.

The spirit and excitement of Ganesh Chaturthi is palpable as revelers clap and chant ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya, Mangal Murti Morya’. It doesn’t stop there; the festive spirit is very contagious, even through the tasty range of food products associated with the festival. Celebrating the start of all good things, this festival is surely associated with lots of good food, including the staple food of Chaturthi – modak. Thus, we bring to you some of the traditional, trendy and creative modaks that are making the rounds in the markets of Goa this year. When health and partying are importantKasai Modak With the health factor in mind, Gargi Lotlikar from Margao has tried an interesting twist on ordinary modaks – the one with kasai or kadha (the spicy concoction when you have a cold). “I had initially started making “kasaï” chocolates during the pandemic; but always innovative, I then focused on immunostimulating chocolates. I have made chocolates with ground almonds, turmeric, cardamom, jeera and more. And now I am implementing this flavor in the form of modaks, so people can experience the health benefits in the form of this prasad,” says Gargi who has received multiple orders for these immunity boosting modaks and kasai . A western surprise for this Indian sweet Nadia Aslam “Mixing Indian sweets in a western mix? Well, many love it,” says Nadia Aslam from Panaji. “This year, I gave an Indo-fusion mix to my sweets, with an air of truffles with festive Indian flavors. She was indeed looking forward to making some interesting sweets this year, and after asking people which Indian sweets they liked best, there was a clear winner – Kaju Katli. “I also used Motichoor Laddos in my second set of truffles, so you can indulge in the romance of the delicious Indian flavors of Kaju Katli and Motichoor, mixed with the cardamom-infused white chocolate ganache. The truffle is stuffed in shells of pure white couverture chocolate, themselves tasty. I’m already out of stock and as I make them to order, they’re always fresh,” says Nadia Aslam. A little chocolate never hurt to no one 93825090There is nothing more exciting than getting chocolate in prasad Danice Almeida has blended the traditional use of coconut in modaks, with a chocolate coating, these bits of goodness are available in its stores in Mapusa and Thivim. “We sell coconut filled modaks which are available in three sizes, the largest being about 4-5 inches. It is considered auspicious to have coconut fillings. e coco in the prasad, and so I created this unique modak. The chocolate used as a shell is 80% dark chocolate, so even diabetic patients can have it,” says Danice. She also makes some interesting chocolate Ganesha idols, which she got a good response to last year. “The chocolate idol should be immersed in milk, where it dissolves and can then be consumed,” says Danice. Have you heard of the 1.5 kilo modak? The 1.5 kilo modak Who doesn’t like to gorge on modaks? Apurva Chafadkar from Ponda has been busy getting ready for Ganesh Chathurti! And this year she received several orders for the one-kilo modak. “We all know Bappa’s favorite is modak, so how about treating him to the biggest modak available? We made Maha Modak for the first time and it’s mainly used for Vaje (gifts sent to married girls). We also use gold leaf on the modaks we make. The other interesting one is the Lotus Biscoff filled modak, which is loved especially by younger people. The modaks are unique and authentically homemade, fresh and made in by hand,” says Apurva. Bringing hyper-Indian flavors into modaksSurprisingly, the flavors of paan and chocolate are very compatible, says Nimisha Kulkarni Khasnis of Ponda. “Paan is eaten by many Indians and has strong flavors that , when combined with chocolate, makes it even more interesting. I have received many orders from young and old for the modak choco-paan. The cover of the modak is chocolate filled with paan . I also make modaks with other flavors like Gulab Jamun Thandai, where rose petals and dried fruits are used to give a healthy and tasty twist,” says Nimisha.

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