Deccan Sugar Submits Project Report for Ethanol Production to Sanjivani | Goa News

The state government will decide on the establishment of an ethanol production plant after studying the DPR

Panaji: Deccan Sugar Technology Association (India) on Friday submitted a Detailed Project Report (DPR) on the establishment of an ethanol production plant at Sanjivani Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd (SSSKL) in Dharbandora to Narendra Sawaikar, which leads the 21-member Sugarcane Farmer Facilitation Committee.
Sawaikar, a former MP, said the DPR will now be reviewed by the state government department for public-private partnership, after which the state government will decide whether to go ahead and launch an expression of interest to set up an ethanol production plant in Dharbandora. .
“The team of experts made a presentation today and they submitted a copy of the DPR, which will now be submitted to the government. What we have in mind is to essentially go for the production of ethanol , because the Center supports this,” Sawaikar told TOI.
“Unless we offer a production activity in the factory, the Sanjivani Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana cannot support the cultivation of sugarcane. If the state government goes ahead with a PPP mode ethanol plant, sugar cane production can start next year,” Sawaikar said.
He said it would take at least six months for new ethanol production machines to be purchased and installed.


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Rachel J. Bradford