Cuba will organize a congress on sugar and its derivatives

This event will seek to contribute to the transformation of the sugar agro-industry, based on the application of management and innovation, also told Prensa Latina the general director of the Cuban Institute for Research on Derivatives of sugar cane (Icidca), Mariela Gallardo.

It is a mixed congress, of a scientific and commercial nature, which will examine the results of research in recent years in the knowledge and introduction of achievements in the production of sugar and derivative products, she added. .

It includes a business forum and a virtual trade fair, pre-congress courses, an event on bioproducts, and one of its objectives is to promote foreign investment in this field.

In addition to human and animal food, the themes that will guide the debates concern sugar cane farming, technology and industrial equipment, research on renewable energies for the sugar industry and derived products (alcohols, rums , drinks, sorbitol).

They also cover cellulosic fiber derivatives of sugarcane bagasse, bioproducts and organic fertilizers for agriculture, value chains and competitiveness of sugar and derivatives, climate change, management of environment and quality.

Gallardo said Diversification 2022 will promote trade shows, where companies can promote their products, services and technologies related to the event.

This congress is convened by the Azcuba Sugar Business Group, the Association of Sugar Technicians of Cuba (ATAC) and Icidca.

So far, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico and other countries have confirmed their participation.

Meanwhile, the 2021-22 harvest continues in the sector, in which 29 sugar factories remain active, according to Azcuba sources.

Those linked to this task strive to grind as much cane as possible, despite the lack of supplies and spare parts for combines and other equipment, organizational problems and other difficulties, they added. .


Rachel J. Bradford