Blommer and DouxMatok tempt producers with multi-faceted low-sugar chocolate coatings

(Credit: DouxMatok).

May 16, 2022 — Blommer researchers have expanded their Discovery product line to include coatings for panning, embedding and molding applications. David Meggs, CEO of Blommer Chocolate Company, says FoodIngredientsFirst on the new opportunities offered by coatings.

“Applicable to the nutrition, snacks and confectionery segments, Discovery’s reduced sugar chocolate chips and coatings are a great way to bring indulgence to products that are better for you, or help improve app nutrient profiles with clean label appeal.”

They expect a sugar reduction of more than 40% in its coatings with applications such as nut butter cups, bars and the already marketed chocolate chip cookies. Blommer and DouxMatok chocolate coatings are available in milk, dark and white.

“Data and market trends tell us that flavor preference varies slightly across segments and applications, with milk having a larger volume share, but dark and white driving growth. That’s why we are launching all three types to meet the different needs of our customers,” says Meggs.

By using DouxMatok Incredo sugar, made from real cane sugar, companies have achieved a 50% sugar reduction. (Credit: DouxMatok).Waiting for coatings
DouxMatok says it was easier to innovate chocolate chip cookies and quickly get a lower-sugar option to market before working on the more complex coatings.

“We wanted to make sure we were meeting the same expectations for sugar reduction and taste and texture quality when working with Blommer on chocolate coatings,” said Kelly Thompson, senior vice president for the North America, DouxMatok.

“While these apps have taken a little longer than the initial launch of the flavored chocolate chip, we are excited about this expanded portfolio of apps that deliver both functionality and level of taste and sweetness,” Thompson continues. .

According to Blommer, the current supply chain malfunctions and soaring oil prices have not affected production of the coatings. The company claims to have secured its supply thanks to its corporate experience in the commodity market. Revealing that they are now actively working to “provide several alternative solutions for sunflower products due to the current situation in Ukraine”.

Blommer’s happy medium
Until January, Blommer only supplied all-sugar and sugar-free products. However, the company opted to add a middle path to reach a wider audience.

“Customers have historically avoided alternative solutions due to negative taste perception or a desire for a solution that does not contain high-intensity sweeteners or sugar alcohols,” adds David Meggs, CEO of Bloom.

By using DouxMatok Incredo sugar, made from real cane sugar, the company has achieved 50% sugar while improving the perception of sweetness to not compromise on taste, texture or sweetness.

Innovation in the chocolate industryWhile milk chocolate has a bigger share by volume, dark and white are driving growth, according to Meggs (Credit: DouxMatok).
As consumers demand more innovative, healthier yet tastier products, chocolate manufacturers are scratching their heads trying to deliver the experiences customers are looking for.

In collaboration with Dutch researchers, Unilever scientists studied the design of metamaterials – artificial materials made in the laboratory – to design foods that are pleasant to eat.

Although the study admits that little is known about designing food to improve the interaction between humans and food, scientists found that most people prefer lots of cracks when biting, the chocolate noise (the number of sound cracks) having a stimulating effect on the sensory experience.

Last month, Barry Callebaut unveiled plans to build a US$104 million specialty chocolate factory in Canada. The plant will produce sugar-free chocolate, high-protein products and other specialty products. Healthy options follow industry trends to satisfy cravings in a healthier way.

Niche offerings, such as cocoa-free offerings, are also gaining traction this month with Voyage Foods’ plans to launch its chocolate free from the top nine allergens, cocoa-free and plant-based by Q3 2022. .

By Marc Cervera

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