Bailed out drug dealer arrested again with Rs 30 lakh of brown sugar

A drug dealer, bailed out last year under the Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS), was arrested again on Thursday for drug trafficking and a shipment of Rs 31 lakh of brown sugar was seized on its possession during a raid near Haladia College at the Jurisdiction of Khurda City Police Station, said a senior official of the Special Working Group (STF) of the criminal branch.

The accused identified as Rajkishore Sunday was caught with 310 grams of banned substances assessed at Rs 31 lakh. Incidentally, the arrested drug dealer had already been convicted in a similar case last year.

After being released on bail by the court, the accused again resorted to drug trafficking. Acting on a denunciation, he was again arrested.

The registered narcotics and psychotropic substances (NDPS) drug trafficker is in pre-trial detention, officials said adding that further investigation was underway to determine whether he was supplying drugs to other parts of the country. the state.

The STF relentlessly continues its operation against drug traffickers across the state. And it pays rich dividends. Since 2020, the STF has seized more than 44 kilograms of brown sugar.

The drugs seized are said to have brought drug traffickers close to Rs 44 crore on the black market. Apart from this, 87 quintals of cannabis locally known as Ganja, a banned substance, were also seized during the period. Since 2020, STF has arrested up to 121 drug traffickers, Deputy Inspector General of Police, STF, Jay Narayan Pankaj.

Rachel J. Bradford