Animal Crossing player shows off sweet maple sugar shack

An industrious Animal crossing: new horizons player presented his snowy house on the theme of maple sugar. With the holiday season in full swing, players can really celebrate the season thanks to the recently implemented Animal crossingupdate 2.0, which added a host of new vacation-themed articles to Nintendo’s Social Simulator.

New Horizons is a title that takes place in real time, which means that the date, time and season of the game are all based on Nintendo Switch system clock. Those who want to achieve certain goals faster can always travel through time by changing the console clock, but this feature can negatively impact reckless gamers and jumping forward doesn’t necessarily indicate what exactly the game will look like. on this day, especially when updates are imminent. Anyone in the Animal crossing community that was looking forward to the holidays a little earlier could have gotten a head start to at least get a feel for what the game would look like. Now there is no need to speculate unless players are curious about what to expect at the start of the new year.


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Reddit user IslaBubba shared an image of their seasonal snow-covered cabin with bottles and cans of maple syrup everywhere. To improve the overall aesthetic, IslaBubba created a custom ACNH picture for the maple syrup logo which appears in various sizes throughout the screenshot. The reddit user appropriately cited the film Elf in their post, because their construction certainly features a lot of the fourth and final major food group.

Some of the items featured in IslaBubba’s creation are seasonal, especially the tub with Yuzu – which garnered attention in the comments. When in stock, it can be found using the Nook Shopping app on the NookPhone. For any gamer who wants one, a commentator on IslaBubba’s time-traveling post claimed it will be available around December 15 along with other seasonal goodies.

It’s still impressive to see the types of creations that still come out of the Animal crossing community even if New Horizons is entering its second holiday season since launch. There always seems to be new construction or new conversations sparked by Animal crossing and the ingenuity surrounding the game doesn’t seem to be wavering anytime soon. The holiday season is still young and there will likely be many more merry Animal Crossing: New Horizons creations to come before it is officially 2022.

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Animal crossing: new horizons is available on Nintendo Switch.

Source: IslaBubba / Reddit

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