Aim of ethanol blends in India, big boost for sugar industry: Ramakrishna YB

New Delhi [India] June 6 (ANI/BusinessWire India): Ramakrishna YB, Expert Member, Biofuel Task Force, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, said, “It is encouraging to note that India has achieved the blending target of 10% ethanol in Gasoline by May 2022, seven months before the target date. This development is a boon for the sugar industry which is mired in excess sugar production, unattractive domestic and international prices and levies accumulated to sugarcane growers. Following the announcement, Ramakrishna said, “The Government of India has taken the decision to transfer the biofuel program from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy to the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas at the beginning of of 2018. MoP&NG quickly proposed a new National Biofuels Policy 2018. The policy aims to use, develop and promote domestic feedstocks for the production of bi fuels, thereby increasingly replacing fossil fuels and contributing to energy security. It also aims to mitigate climate change in addition to creating jobs in a sustainable manner. “The policy target was to achieve approximately 20% ethanol blend in gasoline and approximately 5% biodiesel blend in diesel by 2030. The new policy now allows the production of ethanol from B-molasses, sugar cane juice, sugar syrup. , Crops such as sugar beet, sweet sorghum, maize, cassava, rotten potatoes and surplus and rotten food grains unfit for human consumption. – capacities used. The broad feedstock base for first-generation ethanol has also driven investment decisions to create several hundred stand-alone earning-based distilleries. He added. Ramakrishna also said that “The policies of the Government of India coupled with the overwhelming response from the sugar industry, independent distilleries and not the least aggressive OMC blending program have today achieved the blending target of 10% 7 months ahead of target date All new initiatives are expected to help achieve over 15 billion liters per year of first-generation ethanol by 2025 The commitment demonstrated by all stakeholders has given the government confidence India to advance the 20% mix target from 2030 to 2025. With a 10% mix target achieved in May 2022, India enters the tri-nation league for reaching this milestone in addition to Brazil and the United States of America.” “The government’s commitment is unprecedented. The successful implementation of the program will not only help to gradually move towards energy self-sufficiency, but will also contribute to boosting the rural economy, job creation, additional income for farmers and creating a clean and green environment in part of the process. the goals of Aatma Nirbhar Bharat, Make In India and Net Zero initiatives.” He concluded.

Ramakrishna YB, Expert Member – Biofuels Working Group, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. Ramakrishna YB has been involved in the biofuels program for over two decades. He was Chairman of Karnataka State Biofuel Task Force and Karnataka State Biofuel Development Board between 2008 and 2013. He was Chairman of National Biofuel Task Force between 2015 and 2018 and continues as an expert member to this day.

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Rachel J. Bradford